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May 15th. Posted By: Saint

Please Re-Download the Client Launcher If you wish to play! Click Play or Play now to Download it. Make sure to Delete your old Yanille Loader!

April 15th. Posted By: Saint

Shortened Infernal box opening message. Evil tree is now afkable and gives Warrior tokens for the Warrior's Test minigame. Thieving stalls at edgeville have been buffed. Fixed incorrect message when prayer gets drained from baphomet. Donator box removed from Donator box. Alien Health reduced to 80k health from the previous 560k. Unholy Cursebearer Health reduced to 95k health from the previous 800k. Planefreezer Health reduced to 150k health from the previous 650k. Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter Health reduced to 100k health from the previous 900k. Bal'lak The Pummeler Health reduced to 100k health from the previous 900k. To'Kash the Bloodchiller Health reduced to 100k health from the previous 900k. Fixed teleporting to Slayer Master. Added new Custom Ranging Armour - Animal Set: Helm(1500), Body(2000), Legs(2000), bow(5k) = 10,500 range bonus total Yeti now drops the custom Ranging Armor: Animal Set Invervention Sniper Rifle now fixed with current attack style. Donation claim should be fixed and added 1/10 chance at double donation. Added Scroll of efficiency, ROW, ROW[1], ROW[2], and Donator scroll to slayer shop. Added a hotfix for spammers. Yorkez promoted to helper. Gold promoted to helper.

April 14th, 2019 Posted By: Saint

Monster teleports Zirconis+ require kill requirement Added Dire Wolf Monster + 5000 killcount requirement Added Yeti Monsters + 10000 killcount requirement Nex has been readded to the server adjusted to fit a custom server. Le'fosh boss added + drops Lefosh boxes(1b Tickets, ROW, ROW[1], ROW[2], scroll of efficiency, Pet MBOX, Super Scroll, & Donator Box) Alien boss added that drops Pet boxes, Donor Boxes and good amount of cash Added 4 slayer masters to home area HarLakk Riftsplitter, Ballak Pummeler, and Tokash Bloodchiller bosses have been added(drops Lava torva, sky brutal whip, and sky wings) PlaneFreezer boss has been added as a new boss. Iktomi God-room has been added featuring Ikotomi, Le'fosh, and warbeast. Unholy Cursebearer has been added. A new Warrior guild based minigame! Kill the Skotizos to upgrade until you get the bling chain(1k Str Bonus & 5% droprate increase) but first you need to kill the armor for tokens. Fixed incorrect link on forums Transferred to a more powerful host. Royal sword now has the same attack speed as plebite sword. Upgrade machine & curses altar now works Added Allan to Easy Task, Alien to Medium Task, PlaneFreezer to Hard Tasks, Baphomet to Hard Tasks, and Nex to Elite Task Warriors guild minigame has been fixed. Dark Predator Leg's now fixed. Gambler Zone added to Minigame Teleports. Dice bag has now been added into the Gambler Shop

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