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  2. Update 2019-07-21 increased low level magic stuff bonus (oblivion , trio , infernal staff , water staff) added king of caves to uber and extreme zones Vorago and king of cave will now display the proper pet they drop. Vorago and Infernal Undead dragon spawn time decreased to 1min. BFG9500 will now be a ranged weapon like it should. Increased amount of tokens that evil tree and star gives before despawning from 10million to 2.1billion. fixed a bug related to checkip for staff Ganodermic will now tell you your position on the damage ranking and damage dealt when you are in the top 15. Goku will now drop the BFG9500 Increased server allocated space to prevent lag at home with the increase of online accounts.
  3. Update Log 2019-07-20 King of cave released. it drops the Lucky One sword and king's mount pet. raised a bit the global boss dmg fixed some items stats + given them the right slot fixed undead inferno dragon hp. It should now show properly 30M/30M added new kind of vouchers for the slots. They are buyable ingame only through "Yanille tokens" which are granted by Evil tree & star. new Yanille armor (2700str/piece) new void tier : god void. With other slot being maxed options every style hits about 11K. fixed the despawn of global bosses. made it so you can mine AFK the star at home. moved the star to home. star now grants Yanille tokens (3600/hour about) Evil tree now grants Yanille tokens (3600/hour about) Removed unwanted stuff from the upgrading Changed Explorer Jack shop to contain the new Slot tickets. added stats to the new armors Chiller sword str buffed to 400. Chiller sword removed from any mobs drops. Chiller sword added to new slot T1 tickets. This sword will hit 3 splats per seconds Changed the slot machine to now show the rewards of kind of tickets you have in your inventory (donor VS ingame tickets) moved Evil tree foward at home Buffed Artemis set to be on the same point as Dragon Vanquisher. Now both sets will hit 18k-19k with maxed other slots. God tier void dmg multiplers : 1.9x Ranged 1.8x Mage 1.9x Melee Magic damage Multiplier will now be additional rather than multiplical. Mining will now allow you to keep mining even with a full inventory. Increased speed of gathering for Star to match the 3600/hour of evil tree. changed some background stuff Client : new client version new teleport for the king of caves changed a little bit the slot interface to fit the modification of back-end added Texture to the new void + Yanille armor added the new items to the client
  4. Update log 2019-07-19 World boss will now drop properly for the amount of people its suposed to (crossing fingers) World boss will now spawn with the right amount of hp ganodermic will no longer allow you to turn on soulsplit elite void is now tradeable again. the Lucky One sword stats has been fixed. new staff + top donor icons will now have stats. New icons will now count toward the artemis/dragon vanquisher set to allow you to still wear them in top gear Levyathan lowered to 1000kc should now work properly with new interface. Belerion have been lowered to 750 KC Aurelia have been lowered to 400 KC King of cave released. it drops the Lucky One sword and king's mount pet. raised a bit the global boss dmg fixed some items stats + given them the right slot fixed undead inferno dragon hp. It should now show properly 30M/30M New client version (added new teleport)
  5. Looks amazing, great job guys, can't wait to play it tomorrow!
  6. Update Log 2019-07-16 patch Client : King of cave + Ganodermic boss Removed Unused stuff for performances/space New teleport Interface New drop Interface New teleport Broly New model Broly and Infernal Dragon modified item def goku/vegeta armors Modified GE search feature to fit Drop interface Uncapped Max hit New upgrade Interface that will allow you to see every upgradeable item & required items without having them Invention Materials will be used in the upgrade machine to craft the new armors. BackEnd : Ganodermic boss Mechanics + definitions King of Cave Mechanics + definitions Guilded altar at home replaced by a working one. Dragon ball bosses will now drop the Goku and Vegeta stuff Added drops to King of Cave Added drops to Ganodermic boss New world boss Infernal Dragon Infernal Legs will no longer be stackable removed old drop checker function. added the new drop check/search function Drops lookup will sort by rarity also ::emptyPlayerInv (admin+ command) ::addNpcKills (admin+ command) ::addbosspts (admin+ command) ::jailing renamed to ::jail ::unjailing renamed to ::unjail ::checkIp (mod+) (::checkIp Mana would return all the account logged on the same ip as "Mana") Voting will now award from 1 to 6 vote scrolls randomly rather than a only 1. ::thread ID will now work properly ::godmodeon (Admin+) ::godmodeoff (Admin+) Uncapped dmg Added One set , vote scrolls & more to ganodermic drop table added more trivia (::answer) Well of goodwill will now cost 500T to activate (500k 1b ticket) rather than 100million coins and will last for 1hour. ::emptypouch reason Mana (admin+) ::emptyinv reason Mana (admin+) Changed how drop rate functions. 100% drop rate will no longer be the drop rate cap. 100% drop rate will act as bonus drop rate from now on meaning that every drop rate percent you get acts as bonus (Drop rate of an item /((100+ 100Bonus Dr)/100)) = 2 time more likely Modified boxes of Bosses to now function with the new drop rate system. Drop rate will now affect boss boxes drop rate. Double drop rate has no effect on boss boxes. Removed the chance of double drop rate happening in donation boxes Reworked the magic Dmg calculation. The new formula is the following : dmg Multiplier* (Magic Offense Bonus/80) EX: Elite void , pet cerb , max current mage bonus(elite wand, book, GDC,RoD, Col neck , trio boots , turmoil 2.85 * (167 000/ 80) = 5,945 max hit Fixed Cerberus Damage. It will now grant a Dmg Multiplier for every style of 1.5(same as tier 3 pet such as sonic) Removed Gano spawn from Single way compab places. (need more multiway spots pls dm me) Furious potion was buffed to 135 each stat (including range and mage) Nerfed Elite void to 1.5x dmg New Spyro pet same stats as cerberus One set slightly over darklord stuff Infernal Sword same stats as Chrome but 975 str The Lucky One sword same stats/speed as Glaive but 200 more str The King's Mount 30% double drop rate no drop rate 1.5x dmg factor New staff Icons (darklord boot stats on boot slot) New top Donor Icon (darklord boot stats on boot slot) added the new armors for invention : artemis set Dragon vanquisher set Dungeoneering released Automated Gambling system released added a trusted Gambler cape to be given upon trust of owners Added a youtuber cape reduced Levyathan KC requirement to 1000 Collector amulet will now collect monster fragments ,casket and clues removed restriction to teleport withj pet at Allans Nutella pet will now gain back its tier 3 stats Donor fountain at home : Regular donor (30 min cd) : restauring stats + giving 130hp Super donor (30 min cd) : restauring stats + giving 150hp Extreme donor (30 min cd) : restauring stats + giving 200hp Legendary donor (5 min cd) : restauring stats + giving 127 atk/str/def for 5min + giving 220hp Uber donor (unrestricted uses) : restauring stats + giving 132 atk/str/def for 5min + giving 250hp Metalic Armor will not have a 5% double drop rate per armor piece and its str was buffed to 2000 per piece. Added Evil tree at home Added magic altar at home Elite void pieces added to uber box Legendary Donor scroll added to the Uberbox table Cerberus pet added to the uberbox table Elite wand added to the uberbox table Icy crossbow added to the uberbox table Lucky row added to the uberbox table Darklord cape added to the uberbox table Elite mage book added to the uberbox table Uber box rates : 70% common item 26% rare item 4% legendary item Vorago World Boss requirements : boss pts Will be dropping Saint's Ban Hammer and Mana's Ban Hammer same stats but 1 more splat than glaive 15% drop rate 15% double drop rate new Yoshi pet same stats as Cerberus New Vorago Pet 2.25 Dmg factor nothing else New armor with 1000 str more per piece than darklord with 2% drop rate per armor piece Will drop loot for Top 15 Damage players armor rendering you invisible will no longer happen. Progress on the following : Well of the bosses : you will be required to donate certain amount of coins to have a boss spawning at home or a location you will be prompted to ::teleport this boss upon dying will drop Global loot meaning first to pick it up accross the zone will get it. invention pushed back to friday
  7. Forum Update -Forum Style was revamped to fit the main page by Mana. -Forum ranks now have icons for Donor+ -Forum ranks now have colors added to them. -Forum now have a chatbox that allows you to discuss freely like discord. -Forum has been cleaned of all the old outdated threads & a new event was launched ( #🎉events ) -Forum now has a rank Legend that can be found down the page. -Forum now has a way to see who is online on forum. This can also be found down the page. -Previous discord button was a slack icon. It now been changed to discord icon. -Recent Post Added -Birthday Celebration pannel is now up. A player that will confirm his age with a card showing birthdate may claim a free 30$ shop credit. -Video of the week was updated by the relaunch stream. -Top voter rank has been updated & now has a heart icon. The prizes for being top 3 monthly voter are the following : 1st place : 50$ shop credit 2nd place : 30$ shop credit 3rd place : 20$ shop credit those will be redeemable monthly on the 1st day of each month starting in august.
  8. If it indeed is your birthday , here's what you need to do to claim your free 30$ credit as gift : - Send an ID with birth date showing (you can blur out the rest) to Mana -Claim your 30$ gift the 30$ gift may be used either as a discount on a purchase or to get 30$ value from the shop for free. You decide! After all, it's your birthday isn't it?
  9. Hi everybody, every month from now on , we will be hosting a voting "contest" which will reward the top 3 winners of each month on the 1st day of the month. (ranking will be checked on the last day a couple of hours before every new month). The ranking can be found on the right side of the screen on the voting page and looks like the following : The rewards will be the following : 1st place : 50$ store credit 2nd place : 30$ store credit 3rd place : 20$ store credit The top 3 winners of every month will also be awarded with the forum rank : Top Voter of the Month
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