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    Let's say friendly because you asked for 5 and I gave you 9. You're welcome!
  2. In-game Timezone: where I live, my timezone is GMT +1 Age: I am currently 21, turning 22 in September Which rank are you applying for? : I would like to apply for server support and/or forum moderator because of having had plenty of experience with the both and enjoying them equally. Although I must say that my personal preference leans more towards server support. Staff Experience as an in-game or forum staff member (Please do not disclose server names): I always rolled into a staff position at one point. I was staff on multiple Runescape private servers. I was also a long term staff member of a popular botting site for Runescape, having over 1000 people being on the forum every single day and around 200 online every hour. I was Moderator and Super Moderator there, two positions that I fulfilled very well. At the moment I am also an Administrator on a Jailbreak server on CS:GO, another game I love to play. Being staff there for nearly two years and being a very respectful, honest staff member. Have you ever been warned or have an infraction from a staff member on the forum or in-game?: I have not been infracted, in fact I have helped staff before when there was issues with other players. What five qualities do you think makes a great staff member?: 1) Quality over quantity – while a member of staff should be someone who is active, I believe that it is more important what you do while you are in-game. I came across plenty of staff over the years who just farm their activity and play the game, but fail to fulfil the duty of a staff member to the level it should be. Whereas I prefer someone who isn’t online 24/7 but manages to actually do something useful with their time on the server. 2) Respect – treat every person with respect and treat them equally. Do not demand respect if you are not worthy of it. Prove them what you are worth as a staff member and respect will come naturally. 3) Strictness – If there is something that I’ve learned with online communities, is that being too strict will never work. In fact I like myself to work my way around and enforce the rules in a different way. Sometimes you can stop trolls on the server by just making a joke with them, rather than having to mute them. In fact, often the trolls stick around knowing that they won’t just get a banhammer for every single little thing. They will think of the server as a fun place and eventually just keep playing the game rather than just leaving to find a way to another server. Often these trolls turn out to be great people if you approach them differently. I am not referring to severe rule breaking, obviously. What I mean with this is that sometimes a staff member should be able to read a situation and act accordingly. Sometimes this leaves room for a different approach, one that has more benefits. A staff member should always set their boundaries very clear and people will always know when enough is enough with me. 4) Communication – I’m a big fan of communication. Something is wrong, I made a mistake, you don’t feel well: you are going to sit down and talk to me about it in an open, constructive and most importantly: safe environment. A staff member should be able to communicate very well in every situation. Be open to what players say, be open to what your higher ups says and be able to work together in a team. “Hey I’m kinda busy right now, you mind taking this case for me?”, “I would’ve handle that situation differently, can I explain you why?” 5) Patience, empathy, friendly and maturity – while it is difficult to put these together as a cluster, I just clearly failed to sum up only five qualities of a good staff member, because I strongly believe there is more than five qualities to make someone a good staff member. I believe that a staff member should be patient at all times. This is obviously applicable in many situations. A staff member should always be friendly and social. A staff member is literally someone who keeps the community up. Picture this as if I’m holding my babies in my arms, keeping them safe and helping them whenever they need me, but still let them do their thing and grow (in the server). A staff member who is not one with the community, shall never the reach the level of a good staff member. Lastly I like to address maturity. There is a huge difference between being able to joke and be mature versus being childish. Obviously a staff member does not call for being formal all the time, coming off as some 40 year old lawyer. In fact, as stated above, I think a staff member should just be an open, social person who is mature but isn’t too formal about it all. Someone who has seen life and has dealt with different kind of people, so that they know how to deal with each one of them on the server. In a short paragraph, why do you feel you have the qualities need to be a great staff member on Yanille?: I myself have had plenty of experience with working in a staff team and handling people. Helping people comes natural to me, so I never have to put up a show or ‘try my best’ to be a staff member. It’s something I like to do and it’s not a burden. I feel very good helping people here and there. I am the owner of the qualities that I described above which makes one a good staff member. I’m enthusiastic, social and very open. As I’m already helping out on the server as much as possible, I feel as if having this rank will make me able to accomplish even more than a normal player could. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: I would like to work with the staff team and have more rules being put in place. Also being able to work on some forum rules and get the forums more active! I hope to achieve that every single player feels at ease, safe and welcome here within the community from the second they join. If there is one rule you wish to change or address, regarding the ingame rules, what rule would it be? And why (You can answer N/A if you’re contempt with them as is): As I’m pretty sure that staff are given their own set of rules once they are promoted, I think we should not allow staff members to be afk for hours of time OR have something added so that it is clear that they’re afk. This is because (new) players are looking for help constantly and will reach out to either the clan chat, but more logically: to the staff team. It doesn’t give the staff team a good image if they don’t get a reply, not knowing they are actually afk. I hope you understand my POV on this one, as I’m clearly not trying to blame staff members being afk. Do you do other activities during your free time? (We encourage that staff members do NOT commit 100% of their time in-game; we encourage you to live a healthy and active personal life) I like to play CS:GO, as said above. Other than that I’m just constantly busy doing a lot of different things. I take care of my uncle, arranging all of his finances and doing his chores and getting him food etc. I like to go out with my friends or spend time with my girlfriend. Tell us more about you (studies/hobby/animals/etc): I am Anne-Lotte, but I go by the name Anne as Anne-Lotte is too difficult for English people to pronounce (correctly!). I am a 21 year old girl who likes to game. My journey started with Runescape when I was very young and continued with rsps. From there I played some Combat Arms, AoE and plenty of other games. Now I’ve been sticking to CS:GO for a while and occasionally also play Fortnite (sorry, not sorry). I have a beautiful dog named Jana, she is the sweetest. At this moment I am in Vietnam for a little less than 2 weeks. I did an eight week internship here as I’m studying for a bachelor degree in secondary education for the subjects English and Dutch. While that sounds very fancy, it just means I will be a secondary education teacher, teaching English and Dutch. I will finish this bachelor degree this June (or at least, that’s the plan!). I’m unsure of what I will do after my bachelor degree. I can start working, continue studying or just go and travel the world. Anything is possible, really. I have been considering going to law school, but that’s another five to seven years so I’m still not too sure about this. Oh and by the way: I like girls. 😉
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    Hehe, it's too damn funny, don't blame me as I didn't come up with it haha
  4. Thank you Niels for your time and dedication. Wishing you all the best in life.
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    Hey y'all. I'm Anne, but since that name was already taken I just go by the name I go with on other platforms: Ya Grill Anne, or here ingame: yagrillanne. I mainly play CS:GO right now and I'm a staff member on a jailbreak server, if any of you would know what that is. As of now I am LEM in CS:GO, which some men just not seem to be able to believe until I prove them otherwise. Anyway, other than that, I used to play my ass off on rsps when I was younger. Saw an ad whilst scrolling on Facebook and ended up here. Felt like introducing myself to get to know the active playerbase. I am from Belgium, but right now I'm doing my final internship in Vietnam. That's probably one of the reasons I will be more active on Yanille, as my laptop cannot handle CS:GO and obviously I was not able to take my desktop to Vietnam ;). I am a teacher to be, finishing my bachelor in June (hopefully, at least). So, tell me: what's kicking?
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