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  1. In-game Timezone: EST Age: 25 Which rank are you applying for? : Server Support Staff Experience as an in-game or forum staff member (Please do not disclose server names): A discord moderator a long time ago for a server. And a moderator for a very short time for a failed project. Have you ever been warned or have an infraction from a staff member on the forum or in-game?: No What five qualities do you think makes a great staff member?: 1) Activity 2)Fair 3)Integrity 4)Consistency 5)Knowledge Of The Game In a short paragraph, why do you feel you have the qualities need to be a great staff member on Yanille?: I feel as though i would make a good staff member because I am fair, There would be no special treatment for anyone. I enjoy helping people both irl and in-game. I wish to see the server grow and will do whatever I can in my power to see it happen. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: I hope to help the server become more active, Host events for the community, Hide and seek, Pk events, Trivia ect. If there is one rule you wish to change or address, regarding the in-game rules, what rule would it be? And why (You can answer N/A if you’re contempt with them as is): N/A Do you do other activities during your free time? (We encourage that staff members do NOT commit 100% of their time in-game; we encourage you to live a healthy and active personal life)I enjoy playing football and playing other games. Tell us more about you (studies/hobby/animals/etc): Played two years of highschool football, Wrestled 1 year as well. I have 2 cats and love animals more than people LOL
  2. https://gyazo.com/787fa099e5c8008a5d5bd6412b6831e0
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