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  1. Accepted. Gl on trial and dm me on disc
  2. Accepted. Gl on trials dm me on disc
  3. Accepted. Dm me on discord to set up a time u can log ingame and me also. Gl on trial.
  4. Accepted. Dm me on discord so i can give ranks when i get home.
  5. Good luck with the app , ill let the Community/ other staff voice their opinion due to never seing you online 🙂 (im the one thats somewhat inactive though)
  6. Accepted due to being on varrock team also. Trial will be for both servers.
  7. Mana

    Anne's SS application

    uhh.... I might be bad at math , but which one of the 4 u want us to remember for the last one as your 5th? *cough* we already told saint 10 times we want an auto reply system for SS+ that replies to PM : "sorry i am currently afk" *cough* Staff wants to leave their account up for the loyalty shop update just like regular players sadly which is the debating point of this situation we are having. (I took the liberty to ignore a part of this ^) you better be. A glorified bob the builder shooter game CLICK HERE >>>>bob the builder gif<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  8. Apparently i forgot to edit the summary. Thanks for making me notice
  9. moved to Announcements. Thanks a whole lot for your time. good luck in everything you invest time into! you were a great helper Ngl
  10. Mana

    Rules of Yanille

    bump upon request
  11. Moved to bug section.
  12. True until sunday 😉 i probabky wont give any lamps until then too. Pined.
  13. I will check the souls code tonight ill get back to you about that one. We already got a custom potion attempt for sunday we will see how it goes if it doesnt work well we wont go that way
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