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  1. That would be absolutely amazing man! Just tell me when or tag me somehow and ill do my best to be there if I'm not at work!
  2. So happy to see some gambling events happening! I will be there if I can after work <3
  3. Suggesting a Middle Man Rank for Gambling/Dueling. Could also have a lead Middle Man and have him be the Gambling Manager. I believe this will help current Support/Mods from having to constantly go MM and this way those who want to be a MM can just camp the Gambling Zones and yell they are available to MM. Also there should be no commission, but tips can be accepted as generosity.
  4. Didn't know that, fair enough :P. Welp no familiars then x)
  5. Application 36 hours in game: Name: Justin Previous roles before: Member? Why you think you should be clan leader: I am very dedicated and I can tolerate just about anything as long as it doesn't break the rules. I am also excellent at managing groups/clans from the past when I used to play RS back in 2006-2008 as a High Council member for a clan. what makes you stand out from other players/people: I am weird, and I love to talk to just about anyone who talks back. I am very out going and have a very friendly personality.
  6. What I mean by PvP pets I mean the Steel Titan and Wolpertanger those kind of familiars, should have said Summoning Familiars, my bad. As for the Pets can we have it block you from entering the wilderness with them? This way nobody will lose their pets and Pkers won't accidently click the pet (Like I have) when trying to kill the player.
  7. Lord Aizen

    PVP Artifacts

    Currently they do not award you PkP + Cash, they only reward you with Cash.
  8. Vote Shop: - Nature/Forest Torva - Water Staff - Blood Berreta (High Points) - Nature/Forest Sword - Razor Whip (High Points) - Trio Neck/Wings - Upgraded Fire Cape - Fighter Torso - Water Bow - Barrows Gloves Slayer Shop: - Slayer Boxes (Chance of Slayer Helm) - Flaming Whip - Water DFS - Clue Scroll Caskets - Slayer Helm T2 - Blood Godsword - Row 3 Loyalty Shop: - Third Age Melee/Range/Magic Set - Saradomin/Guthix/Zamarok Banners - Ring of Coins - Ring of Nature - Ring of Stone - Experience Lamps - Double XP Scrolls
  9. - Korasi Sword special will make you unable to attack other players but they will be able to attack you. Also has chance of freezing client upon teleporting back to Resource Zone. - Karambwan's Do not work at all when you click them. - You can attack and be attacked through the walls of the resource area if you are directly against them
  10. - Add Timer on the Resource door so if you are attacked you have to wait to exit/enter it - Remove the banker or add a 10 second timer till they are out of combat till they can use - Fix the Lever at volcano so you can teleport in and out - Add Hotzones to certain places like Multi/Singles that would be populated - Make pets droppable as I killed someone and they did not drop the pet but I believe they lost it - Add Super Combats to the PvP Store to be able to carry more food/pots - Add Revenant Weapons like Craw Bow/Chainmace - Add Imbued God Capes - Make Streaks of 3 and higher appear over yell so others can try to kill them - Add Random Pvp Drops such as Vesta Spear/Statius War Hammer/Zuriels Staff (Would be a very rare chance to obtain) - Add Zwarte Bow to PkP shop - Make Artifacts give Pk Points based on the Artifact you get - Make Artifacts give 1T-20T based on the Artifact - Add Rune Pouch to store runes in for Barrage/Venge - Make PvP Pets Work Properly in PvP - Add Bounty Hunter Teleports to PvP Shop so you can teleport to your current target
  11. Would like to get my Extreme Rank on Forums as well please. 🙂
  12. Not talking about actual Donator Ranks but instead I am talking about money spent. Maybe we could spiff up people side bars on the forums for how much they have donated total. Such as a title bar for 25$, 50$, 100$, 250$, 500$, 1000$, and so on. These could have different colours/images and could get more advanced the higher they donate these of course would be underneath their current donation rank/title. Not a serious suggestion just something fun and creative to do on the forums to spice it up!
  13. Been waiting for the wiki for so long, thanks to all that worked on it and thank you for finally releasing it. This will be my new best friend!
  14. Grats to Ironman and Shrimpie on getting full Server Support, goodluck in the future to 0069 and Serious Main still love both you guys!
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