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  1. A barrows teleport should be added to give players a source for high tier pvp gear and there is a crashed star that lands there that currently needs to be reset
  2. Blaze

    Elite task

    Ive both maxed stats and voted well over 50 times https://imgur.com/a/6SjrQEF
  3. Also a shop for stardust
  4. I really just want the charming imp so I dint gotta pick them up when farming blues, since it's so easy to max summoning now
  5. Add Skilling brawlers to agility shop, add more to slayer shop would like to see the charming imp come back. Add cosmetics to prestige shop
  6. I second this motion as a skiller, farming is main source for herbs for herblore
  7. Blaze

    Prestige shop

    you cant buy either the cooking or mining brawlers from the prestige shop
  8. Ironman rank should take priority over donor rank ingame. It was in the list but has been removed without being done?
  9. I will look into this more this weekend as I'm going for 1000 torstol achievement
  10. Blaze

    Prestige shop

    Cant buy most if the brawlers
  11. Always skill in the resource area when possible and when x2 exp is active? Start by teleporting to the gnome agility course by clicking the Agility skill Buy the agile top and bottom when possible for bonus exp, must be worn as set 1-35: Gnome agility course, 2 tickets per lap 35-55: Barbarian agility course, 4 tickets per lap 55-99: Wilderness agility course, 6 tickets per lap You can exchange tickets for exp, but its not worth in my opinion *All base exp numbers as based on wh?en the Well of Goodwill is active? with no donor perks
  12. Always skill in the resource area when possible and when x2 exp is active I recommend collecting herbs and secondaries first from Farming and the shop, then teleporting to the resource area by clicking the wilderness teleports Start by gather herbs through the farming click or drops and buying the secondaries from the shop Add the herb to a vial of water to get a unfinished potion, then add the secondary ingredient Lv 1: Attack potion, guam and eye of newt Lv 9: Defence potion, marrentill and bear fur Lv 12: Strength potion, tarromin and limpwurt root lv 22: Restore potion, harralander and red spider eggs Lv 26: Energy potion, Harralander and chocolate dust Lv 34 Agility potion, toadflax and toad legs Lv 36: Combat potion, harralander and goat horn dust Lv 38, Prayer potion, ranarr and snape grass Lv 45: Super attack potion, irit and eye of newt Lv 48: Super antipoison, irit and unicorn horn dust Lv 50: Fishing potion, avantoe and snape grass Lv 53: Hunter potion, avantoe and kebbit teeth dust Lv 55: Super strength potion, kwuarm and limpwurt root Lv 60: Weapon poison, kwuarm and dragon scale dust Lv 63: Super restore, snapdragon and red spider eggs Lv 66: Super defence potion, cadantine and white berries Lv 69: Antifire potion, lantadyme and dragon scale dust Lv 72: Ranging Potion, dwarf weed and wine of zamorak Lv 76: Magic potion, lantadyme and potato cactus Lv 78: Zamorak brew, torstol and jangerberries Lv 81: Saradomin brew, toadflax and crushed bird nest Lv 84: Restore special potion, super energy pot and papaya Lv 85: Super antifire potion, antifire pot and phoenix feather Lv 88: Extreme attack potion, super attack pot and avantoe Lv 89: Extreme strength potion, super strength pot and dwarf weed Lv 90: Extreme defence potion, super defence pot and lantadyme Lv 91: Extreme magic potion, magic pot and ground mud rune Lv 92: Extreme ranging potion, ranging pot and grenwall spikes Lv 96: Overload potion, Extreme attack, strength, defence, ranging, and magic pot *All base exp numbers as based on wh?en the Well of Goodwill is active with no donor perks
  13. Always skill in the resource area when possible and when x2 exp is active Start by teleporting to the farming patches by clicking the Farming skill Buy a rake, seed dibber, secateurs, watering can, and various seeds as you go First you need to rake the patch, then plant the seed, and finish by watering Once the plant is grown youll get a message in the chat box, rinse and repeat Allotment patch Lv 1: Potato seed Lv 5: Onion seed Lv 7: Cabbage seed Lv 12: Tomato seed Lv 20: Sweetcorn seed Lv 31: Strawberry seed Flower Patch Lv 2: Marigold seed Lv 11: Rosemary seed Lv 24: Nasturtium seed Lv 25: Woad seed Lv 26: Limpwurt seed Lv 52: White lily seed Herb patch Lv 9: Gaum seed Lv 14: Marrentill seed Lv 19: Tarromin seed Lv 26: Harralander seed Lv 32: Ranarr seed Lv 38: Toadflax seed Lv 44: Irit seed Lv 50: Avantoe seed Lv 56: Kwuarm seed Lv 62: Snapdragon seed Lv 67: Cadantine seed Lv 73: Lantadyme seed LV 79: Dwarf weed seed Lv 85: Torstol seed *All base exp numbers as based on wh?en the Well of Goodwill is active? with no donor perks
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