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  1. Right, want to clear this up and it caused a bit of a 50/50 in the community and angered a few, this is my idea to maybe put a bit of balance on the situation and then a counter idea to fix it up and hopefully keep even ground on prices/value for upgrades and taking mind of the eco too. So the new update allows 100% success rate with scrolls, but the costs are somewhat worrying as the numbers needed for some upgrades are far beyond the normal market price people wish to pay for the Ranks they provide. Now i've checked the POS market a bit, currently i see most Regular Donator scrolls going for about 20t, that will be my baseline value here! -Donator scroll requires 10 to upgrade into super -15 super are required for extreme -25 extreme are required for legendary -35 legendary are required for uber So if we do the simple maths at least, 150 donator scrolls for a extreme which honestly alot, that's about 3q if you consider donator scrolls selling for 20t a piece, which is super expensive for Extreme as they sell currently for 500-800t on the market and has been that way for a good few weeks i'd say. Next up, 3750 scrolls to make an legendary ultimately, which works out at about 75q for a legendary again if you consider donor scrolls for 20t each, that makes for a very over expensive legendary scroll considering not maybe 2 weeks ago Uber Scrolls themselves would sell for 50-60q! Making it very very expensive! Finally is the Uber scroll, it would now be 131,250 donator scrolls to make said item, again at 20t per scroll, that is a whopping 2,625 quintillion on the game, values that even the richest players basically don't have! And a value of donator scrolls i think the server probably hasn't even seen in total to this day? These numbers are at best, unreachable and extremely unrealistic in terms of the servers very new basis and limited player-base in regards to these items being farmed enough to reach these numbers, but the price in general, most would sooner sell there scrolls, than pay the prices shown to make the scrolls, meaning the scrolls would flood the market, ultimately lose value and scrolls other than legendary/uber go down a very large amount! The counter claim i have is simply this, make the values so that the price is maybe 10-20% above current market prices, this initially would be more expensive to make the scrolls, but would stabilise the prices of scrolls when they sink into the game, and create a nice economy for farming them, both new and veteran players would have ways to profit from this and get there 2 cents! This is roughly the values you need to make this happen: 5 Regular scrolls = 1 Super (5 reg scrolls) 10 Super scrolls = 1 Extreme (50 reg scrolls) 15 Extreme scrolls = 1 Legendary (750 reg scrolls) 15 Legendary = 1 Uber (11,250 reg scrolls) Now people may argue and say the end number is still maybe a tad unrealistic, but its more than 10x less than previous 131k, it will still help to sink items from the economy and bring stability to prices, and would rise the prices of certain scrolls to meet the donation prices more accurately. This is because supers sell for 80t sometimes atm, 5 regs is 100t, so the price would rise for supers. 10 supers would then be 100t, extreme are 500-800t, price would rise to 1q or more each! Extremes being 1q or so each, having 15 make a legendary would make sure legendary is a minimum of 15q on the market, up to maybe 20q even. 15 legendary being 15-20q, would make uber 225-300q on market, bring it more to spec of the new cost on donation for the uber scroll! Please reply/support if anyone does agree with this, and thanks for reading!! Thanks An0nym00se
  2. This Post will be a due an update soon, just takes a while to get all new values ready to input, expect a change guys so you can know whats up with current Weapon Sets!!
  3. Added some Edits too prices/benefits, will update further when i have content for :Lzone and :uZone!
  4. Updated prices! Going to keep this a priority to update this post so everyone knows whats going on with the ever changing market, Refer here if you must!
  5. An0nym00se

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    Lol Da fuck that gnome doing robbing banks like the Wise Old Man, crazy mf!
  6. In-game Timezone: GMT+0 Age:26 Which rank are you applying for? : Forum Moderator Staff Experience as an in-game or forum staff member (Please do not disclose server names): Server Support/Gambling Staff in past servers, keeping people adherring to server rules and boundaries of Gambling, while still having a good time and enjoying the experience of RSPS! Have you ever been warned or have an infraction from a staff member on the forum or in-game?: Nope What five qualities do you think makes a great staff member?: 1) Supportive 2) Enthusiastic 3) Staying Active on the server/forum 4) Knowing when to be Kind and when boundaries apply too 5) Making new/old members feel welcome to the server In a short paragraph, why do you feel you have the qualities need to be a great staff member on Yanille?: I've always been a people person and like to help whenever i can, even now without being staff i help many a new player or old in the game, whether it be learning the simple ins/outs of Custom Server usage or helping a veteran understand mechanics/gear better so they can progress more! I'm also very heavily active on the forums and as i'm applying for Forum Moderator that makes a big difference too, i comment and help where i can on the Forum too, and have submitted Ideas myself and feedback where i deem i can! What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: To bolster Forum numbers and to try and make it a more active/pro-active part of the server, trying to add more media and topics that the community can engage in, and maybe my own twist too, challenges/events based on the forums that will entice people to be a part of the Forum Community as well as the Game too! If there is one rule you wish to change or address, regarding the in game rules, what rule would it be? And why (You can answer N/A if you’re contempt with them as is): N/A Rules are realistic and fair as they stand. Do you do other activities during your free time? (We encourage that staff members do NOT commit 100% of their time in-game; we encourage you to live a healthy and active personal life) I do in the summer especially play rugby, i'm a big guy so i do fairly well at it ;). I'm a bit of a comp nerd in general, i know networking more-so but when it comes to general comp tasks, no problem for the moose! Also like travelling, I've been over about half of Spain, most of England/Ireland and most of France too! Tell us more about you (studies/hobby/animals/etc): Studied Computer networking and Architecture in College, had a good blast and made some life friends during said course/s. No pets as of the moment cause i'm busy raising my newborn baby born 24/12/2018 which made me the happiest dad ever! Hobbies basically listed above but ofc add Gaming too cause we all love to came here! Thanks for considering me =D An0nym00se
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    Mr Worldwide popping in to say, STOP CALLING ME THAT LOL
  8. Agreed, this would allow a bit of trust to people to middleman, and not have to make staff extra busy when they don't have time to be!
  9. Are you using the new client, it's on the discord!
  10. Thats why i made my suggestion for PKP to buy customs, and for a special item to drop on pk kills occasionally that swaps out for high PKP or tickets/boxes. And the Kill List that gives a reward based on the difficulty of the List given, the list being a certain amount of kills on opponents also hunting on a Kill List, which means you need killstreaks =D
  11. oopsie thanks!
  12. Little issue with the Loyalty Point counter on Quest Tab, Little Gif below to easily show the issue, it shows "donor points" which don't currently exist and keeps tick snapping back to loyalty, but not to be able to see what you have? Annoying as i like keeping tabs on my points lol!
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