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    The gold, green, and crimson charms from ice troll kings (a.k.a. Charming Imps) do not work for summoner. You will get the message: "You need a 'x' charm for this pouch".
  3. The fire altar does not seem to exist. Photo attached. Edit: Chaos altar also seems to be missing.
  4. IGN: Quakesz Rank: Extreme Donator Proof:
  5. Had the pleasure of playing a couple of games of PC with you the other day, good to see you on forums!
  6. As the title says, none of the stalls at the teleport for the thieving skill work. The ones at ::edgeville do, but not these ones. GIF attached.
  7. I'd like to see the wiki up for sure, regardless of how complete it is. Readily available information is helpful for everyone (including staff!), since we can find the info ourselves instead of asking in help cc.
  8. The Gypsy that you speak to before culinaromancer doesn't have "Yanille" in her chat dialogue. Screenshot attached.
  9. Name's Quakesz! IRL Name: Aaron Hobbies: Making music (I'm a musician after all!), video games (duh!), enjoying nature. I live in Minnesota, of the good ol' U. S. of A... It's cold as heck here 6 months out of the year, pleasant for 4 months, and hot as balls for 1.5-2 months, and everybody is too nice for their own good. Except for that $!#@hole and that @$%^hole. Yeah, they aren't. I have played many different RSPS', been elected for staff a couple times, and above all, have had quite a bit of fun. I'm enjoying Yanille so far, so here's to some great times ahead! I pretty much keep to myself in-game, because chatting is xp waste; If you see me around, however, don't be a stranger! Say hi and let's have a conversation. That about wraps up my TED Talk, hope you enjoyed. Peace!
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