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Titan's support application

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Before i start answering the application questions i just want to say that i know the recruitment is currently off. The reasoning for my staff application is because of mana's msg inside #updates on discord, where he states that they will be looking for a support team dedicated to Yanille, since the last staff team all got promoted to Player mods since the Varrock incident.


In-game Timezone:

UTC +2


20, but 21 soon

Which rank are you applying for? :

Server support

Staff Experience as an in-game or forum staff member (Please do not disclose server names):

I don't have any experience in staffing on an RSPS, but i do have a lot of leadership experience. For the last 2 years i have been working as a service manager at the local supermarket. There i have learned a lot of what it means to take responsibility, and how to make the customers happy, which i think can reflect to the player-base on an RSPS

Have you ever been warned or have an infraction from a staff member on the forum or in-game?:

In my total of 75 hrs played i have never had an infraction or warned by any staff member

What five qualities do you think makes a great staff member?:

1) Willing to put the time into helping the player-base with their needs. --- IMO a staff member has to able to listen to every problem there is. If the staff can fix it or not is not the point, but a regular player needs to be able to tell their frustrations and recommendations about the server onto a higher ranked player, so they feel heard.

2) Trustworthiness and respect - this is something that needs to be earned by the actions taking inside the game. Its importtant to stand by your word and earn the respect of the players to keep the public status of a staff member. Of course you also need to be strict from time to time, because sometimes you need to take action to keep the server satisfied, but never, and i repeat, NEVER abuse the power given to you

3) Kindness - Never be rude unless needed to. One gotta remember that everyone can have a bad day, but that doesn't mean they are a bad person. Therefore, kindness is one of their greatest strengths, since your own kindness can affect other people

4) Communication - Its important to show that you are active and "always" up for a chat.

5) Soul - to me its important for a staff member to actively show that they are seriously about their position on the server. Not saying the server should be their life, but when they are online, they are ACTUALLY online 

In a short paragraph, why do you feel you have the qualities need to be a great staff member on Yanille?:

As mentioned before i have worked as a service manager for the past 2 years. So i understand the needs and desires of people, and i know how to control inpatient/aggressive behavior. Furthermore, i'm also down for a chat. I have also enjoyed interaction with people, no matter the subject. I will do everything i my power to make people enjoy their stay on the server, and that they are happy with what is happening.

What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?:

As things is so far i got two primary priorities.

 1) I would make it my number 1 priority that the current active player base doesn't feel abused or violated. Everyone should feel welcome in the varrock community and anything that could possible hurt that feeling should be taking a look onto and see if it is something i could fix, or if it needs to be passed on the my superiors.

2) I would also make it a priority for the new players that will join the server in the future, have a place/person to ask for help so that can experience the same feeling i had when i started this server

If there is one rule you wish to change or address, regarding the ingame rules, what rule would it be? And why (You can answer N/A if you’re contempt with them as is):


Do you do other activities during your free time? (We encourage that staff members do NOT commit 100% of their time in-game; we encourage you to live a healthy and active personal life)

Currently i'm having a year off school, but after the summer i'm going to take my engineering degree. Other than that i am spending a lot of time with my girlfriend and my buddies from my old school. The last of my current activities involves web-designing, fitness, football (aka soccer) and a lot of editing (still trying to learn it tho)

Tell us more about you (studies/hobby/animals/etc):

As said, this summer im gonna start my engineering degree in software, which i'm really excited about. Other than that i'm also moving away from home, since my studies is in a whole other city, so i am kinda also hyped about that.

Sorry about this paragraph being really short, but i don't really have anything i can elaborate more on, since i almost covered it all throughout the questions


Thank you for reading my support application, and if you got any further questions, feel free to comment them on here, Msg me ingame @Titan  or message me on Discord at "titanious#0001"

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Accepted due to being on varrock team also. Trial will be for both servers.


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